Monday, August 22, 2011

K is for Keeping Kitchens Organized

The kitchen is generally the busiest room in the house -- used for cooking, eating, storage, homework, socializing and more. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you keep it organized and looking great:
  • Create zones -- one area for food preparation, one for storage, one for eating, etc.
  • Store items near where you use them. Don't worry about whether it makes sense for someone else -- I keep plastic kid cups in the fridge beside the juice.
  • Free up drawer space by using a decorative canister to hold often-used utensils, such as spatulas and spoons.
  • Storing small appliances in cupboards will free up counter space and keep the room looking less cluttered. The ones you rarely use can be stored up high or in the back of the cabinet, and the ones you use often in easy-to-reach areas.
  • Inexpensive baskets or plastic containers are great for storing bottles of vinegar, oil and other sauces. It's easier to pull a basket out of the cupboard than it is to root around for the right bottle.
  • In a small kitchen, putting the sink in the corner creates more usable, uninterrupted counter space.
  • If you have space in your kitchen, an armoire is a terrific organizer. It can hold your microwave, freeing up counter space. You can use the shelves and drawers for anything from cookbooks and tablecloths to mixing bowls and baking needs. Paint the inside of one of the doors with chalkboard paint and you have space for quick notes and lists as well.
  • Baskets placed in the area between cabinets and the ceiling are great for storing seldom-used items.
  • If you're really short on space, add a shelf above the window or door.
  • Hang tablecloths on a towel rack attached to the inside of a cabinet or closet door.
How do you keep your kitchen organized??

1 comment:

Audrey said...

I am not showing this post to hubby!
Ok - I have a small kitchen, so the counter is either cooking or storage or...
Just means I have to clean up more often.

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