Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Window Treatment Solutions for Hard to Reach Windows

I have my very first guest blogger today! Special thanks to Richard Moyle at Horizon Window Treatments!

Do you have windows that are simply too hard to get to? If you have windows that are behind a couch or even windows that are too high, opening and closing the shades is nearly impossible. Another problem is having too many windows. Opening and closing numerous windows takes too much time.

The good news is that there is a solution for this type of window dilemma. Try window treatments that are motorized, for example so that you can make changes with the push of a button. You may think they are too expensive, but in fact, motorized window shades are easier to operate and quite affordable. Most people will benefit from this easy to install solution that is likely within their budget and easy to use.

What are your hard to reach windows? They may be a skylight or a window that is up high. It may be a window located behind furniture that is too heavy or large to move on a regular basis. You could have too many windows in one space that need to be opened and closed throughout the day. You may have two windows, one located on top of the other. In these situations, conventional drapes are a hassle and they may even look bad in the space. However, motorizing your window treatments can make using your windows easier and more effective in virtually any situation.

While it may sound like an expensive or hard to install option it really is not. With one click of a button, you can easily adjust any of the drapes or shades you need to, depending on what you want from them. Not only is this process is affordable but, it helps you to take advantage of even those hard to reach windows. Motorized shades are available in all colors and styles.

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