Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dream Room Project is Back!!

Some of you may remember Designers Unlimited's dream room makeover project - last year we redesigned a room for Kendall, a young girl with
Craniopharyngioma, an invasive benign brain tumour.

We're ready to do it again - this year's room is being done for Sarah Valade, an 11 year old girl with Central Nervous System Vasculitis (CNSV), an inflammation of the the blood vessels in the brain and spine.

We've started our planning and so far we have donations lined up from Home Depot and Timmins Decorating Centre, as well as a couple of local residents.

I absolutely love doing our dream room projects - if we can help make a sick child feel even the tiniest bit better, the work is worth it.

Here are a couple of before shots of her room and closet:

We're looking forward to putting together a wonderful new bedroom for Sarah!

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