Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun With Fabric

Here are a couple of easy home decorating projects you can complete with a small amount of fabric:

1. Turn store-bought curtain panels into custom window treatments by adding coordinating fabric. Try a 12-15" band of fabric along the top or bottom, or a narrow band around the entire edge. You can also experiment with a band further up from the bottom of the panel. This also works for fabric shower curtains.

2. Create easy artwork by framing coordinating fabric samples. Or instead of framing, cover and hang canvasses for a similar effect.


3. Add colour to shelves and storage cubes - cut a piece of foamboard to fit the back of the shelf/cube, wrap the front in fabric, and wedge it in place.

4. Update a plain wicker basket by making a fabric liner.

5. A hemmed fabric rectangle makes a great table runner - great for the dining room or even on a dresser in a bedroom.

6. Update a plain duvet by adding a panel of coordinating fabric to the centre - take a large hemmed square of your patterned fabric and sew it to the middle of your plain duvet. Use coordinating ribbon or trim to hide the sewn edges. The more advanced your sewing skills, the more creative you can get with this.

7. Create hidden storage space under a pedestal sink by making a fabric skirt. Attach it to the sink with velcro for easy washing.

8. Hinge together 3 pieces of fabric-covered plywood for a simple fireplace screen.

9. Update glass cabinet doors by attaching fabric to the inside of the door with a small rod at the top and bottom of the glass.

10. Create a covered headboard with a large piece of plywood, foam batting, and a couple of metres of fabric. You can embellish it with fabric covered buttons to create a tufted look or leave it plain.


11. Make new covers for old throw pillows - finish them with matching trims and accessories to give them a more professional look.

12. Re-cover the seat of an old dining room chair for an instant update.

13. Give a new look to an old lampshade by covering it with new fabric that matches your decor.

14. Build a bulletin board by covering a padded piece of heavy corrugated cardboard or very thin plywood with fabric (watch the weight so it can be hung on the wall). Criss-cross wide ribbon across the board to hold your notes and messages.

bulletin board

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