Saturday, August 6, 2011

I is for Inexpensive

One thing I love to do is see how much I can do decor-wise for as little money as possible. Here are 3 easy updates that cost next to nothing:

  • An affordable way to get the look of custom-made draperies: simply add fabric borders to the bottom of your existing drapery panels.

  • You can also enhance your throw pillows by adding some fringe, buttons or beadwork.

  • Plain bed linens can be given a new look by sewing a band or 2 of satin ribbon or braiding a little way in from the hems of the pillowcases and sheets.

Each of these is an fairly quick & inexpensive way to make things look a little nicer!


Modern Wivelyhood said...

Thanks for these tips! I'm excited to browse around, following you back! Hope you have had a great weekend!

StylishHeather said...

Glad you like them - stay tuned for J through Z :)

├Žble said...

Great tip on adding the ribbon to sheets! I've been looking at ours wondering how to just add a bit of 'me' to them. Now I have the perfect idea!

StylishHeather said...

Almost anything can be updated by adding trim to it!

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