Monday, July 25, 2011

H is for Hardware

Hardware is a small thing that can make a big difference. Don't want to spend a lot to re-do a kitchen or bathroom? Replace the cabinet hardware for major impact. I've had a lot of clients that were looking for a new look in the kitchen but couldn't replace the cabinets or countertops...we replaced the hardware and painted the walls, and the room took on a whole new feel.

You might remember my post about my own budget kitchen makeover - the cabinet hardware made a huge improvement:

Before: Ugly handles that don't fit
Before & After side by side
After: Way better!
Even furniture can benefit from new many times you find the perfect dresser, armoire, sideboard, etc...but the handles are horrendous or don't go with the piece (or the room). New handles.....and voila! The piece works! Before we installed built-in cabinets in my office, I had an old desk and my dresser from when I was a baby...I painted them black (Ralph Lauren turret stair) and replaced the chunky wooden handles with new ones that really changed the whole look of the room and updated the furniture.

Take a look around your home - are there any pieces that could benefit from new hardware?


Trudy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree that hardware can make a huge difference. However, our cabinets are pretty much beyond hope for being

Look forward to reading the ideas on your blog. We need more style in our house for sure! (I am just afraid to spend too much while the kids are wrecking everything still.)


Delaney said...

Love how simple a hardware update is!

Delaney said...

Love how simple a hardware update is!

Michelle James said...

I agree about the hardware. I really should try this. My kitchen needs a ton of help and it is all too expensive right now. But maybe baby steps. My friend and I have a crafty blog if you are into scrapping and card making you should check it out.


Raising Marshmallows said...

Yes! The hardware does make all of the difference!Thanks for stopping by
Raising Marshmallows I'm now following!

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