Friday, July 31, 2009

12 Ways to Use an Armoire

1. Laundry Station: A space for folding laundry as well as storage for detergent, fabric softener, and laundry supplies. You can even attach hooks on the outside and hang your folded up ironing board.

2. Gift Wrapping Centre: A flat surface for wrapping gifts and plenty of storage space for supplies - gift bags, kraft paper, tape, scissors, and greeting cards. Install long dowels on the back wall to hold your rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon. A birthday calendar on the inside of the door helps make sure you don't forget any special events.

3. Entertainment Centre: An excellent way to hide the TV, DVD player, video games, stereo, and their less-than-pretty wires.

4. Microwave Cart: In the kitchen, an armoire can hold your microwave, freeing up counter space. You can use the shelves and drawers for anything from cookbooks and tablecloths to mixing bowls and baking needs. Paint the inside of one of the doors with chalkboard paint and you have space for a quick grocery list as well.

5. Home Office: If you're short on space, an armoire can make an excellent home office – you get a work surface as well as storage for office files, supplies and paperwork.

6. Bathroom Vanity: If you have the space in your bathroom, an armoire with a mirror installed on the inside makes a great vanity – and the drawers are perfect for stashing towels, toiletries and cosmetics.

7. Bar: Perfect for mixing drinks and storing bar supplies – bottles, cocktail napkins, and garnishes. Screw a slotted rack into the top shelf for hanging stemware.

8. Baby Changing Station: Makes a great hide-away change table with plenty of storage space for diapers and accessories.

9. Linen Closet: If you don't have a linen closet, an armoire is a great place to store bedding and towels.

10. Jewelry Box: Have a lot of jewelry and accessories? Mount small hooks in rows along the inside walls for a great way to store necklaces and earrings. Scarves, rings, and hair accessories can all be kept in small baskets on the shelves or in the drawers.

11. Gardening station: Store your gardening pots, seeds and soil, and use the flat surface for potting and tending to plants.

12. Craft Station: A great place to store craft supplies with a flat surface for working on projects – scrapbooking, stamping, beading, cardmaking and more. Everything is within reach when you need it, yet easily hidden away when you're done.

Can you think of any other uses?


Elite Home Decor said...

Wow!! Great ideas
Thank you for sharing

dana's design studio said...

Thank you for following my blog. I will come back often to yours. You are a designer after my own heart. Stay in touch!
Love your designers unlimited. Dana

Elizabeth @ The Upside of Downsizing said...

That's so helpful! Because of flat screen tv's there are a lot of armoires available on the cheap. Great suggestions!

DesignTies said...

I've always loved armoires! Your list of ways to utilize an armoire is fantastic!!

Thanks for dropping by DesignTies and commenting on the transformation of my nesting tables... I love the colour (Sundried Tomato) too!! In real life the red is deep and rich. The tables will look FAB when they're finally located in our family room. :-)

Victoria @ DesignTies

Shauna Lynn said...

Great ideas! Currently working on re-purposing an armoire style computer desk...will let you know what I decide to do with it! Thanks for following my blog...I look forward to following yours.

Beyond The Stage Homes, Shauna Lynn

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