Monday, June 29, 2009

No, it doesn't HAVE to cost a fortune!

One of the biggest misconceptions about hiring a decorator is that it costs a fortune and you'll need to spend a huge amount of money - doesn't help when people have been told that their window treatment couldn't be touched for less than $700 (luckily they called me next and were quite relieved to have beautiful windows done for well under that price tag!).

One of my favourite things when it comes to decorating is seeing just how much I can do for the least amount of money. I love finding something that costs a completely unreasonable amount and recreating it for way less!

I while back I saw the most gorgeous artwork in a magazine...for $4000. Not even close to being in our budget. So I went to Walmart, grabbed some $3 canvasses, stopped off at the Benjamin Moore store to get a few testers...and threw this together:
I even had a mom come to the door to ask about it one Halloween because she could see it through the window when she was taking her kids out trick-or-treating. Not bad for $50 and a couple of hours worth of work!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Not bad at all! I like the way it mimics your pillows on the chairs.

StylishHeather said...

Thanks Kathy!

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